Erdogan: “With the help of Allah we will start drilling here-(south of Kastellorizo)”

He was interviewed Sunday night on TV

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan continued his provocative statements regarding the the accord with Libya in a televised interview on Sunday night, insisting that it “is in fact a reversal (of the Treaty) of Sevres”.

Sitting in front of a large screen depicting maps in the background during the interview, Mr. Erdogan announced that Turkey would not only commence seismic surveys in the region but also start drilling on the basis of the agreement with Libya, which Greece claims does not produce legal results and has been actively engaged in trying to cancel through all its diplomatic means.

Pointing to the area south of Kastellorizo and east of Crete, Me. Erdogan said: “With the help of God, very soon here we will begin seismic surveys and drilling,” he told reporters during the interview.