Erdogan: Turkey to remain in Idlib as long as Damascus continues “violent onslaught”

Tensions running high in Idlib province

Earlier this week, a Turkish delegation arrived in Moscow for talks regarding the situation in Idlib. However, Ankara announced it was dissatisfied with the negotiations, and no deal was struck. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Wednesday that Turkey was fully ready for its own operation in Idlib and could launch it at “any minute.”

Turkey will not withdraw from Idlib Province as long as Syrian government forces continue to press on with their ‘violent onslaught’, President Erdogan said on Friday.

“According to the latest data, we have neutralised 150 ‘regime elements’, destroyed 12 tanks, three armoured vehicles, 14 howitzers and two pickup trucks. We will not pull out from Idlib until the regime halts its aggression against the province’s population. This is the only condition for cessation of hostilities”, Erdogan said.

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