Erdogan: Young generations should re-examine Lausanne Treaty

Turkish President recalls “glorious past” of Ottoman Empire in latest rant

Turkish President Recep Erdogan continued his provocative rhetoric by calling on younger generations to not shy away from questioning the 1923 Lausanne Treaty, during a speech to local politicians in Ankara. Reminiscing the past glories of the Ottoman Empire, Erdogan said that Turkey had been trapped into signing the 1923 Treaty in order to forget its “magnificent history”. “We drew attention to the issues of the Lausanne Treaty and the National Council. I want our youth to examine Lausanne even if this is annoying to some”, he said. The “Neo-Sultan” went on to recall the might of the Ottoman empire’s past, comparing its control of vast land masses stretching from the east into Europe with what was left after 1914! “We cannot proceed forward with the logic of 1923 in today’s world when everything is changing. That is unfair, we cannot accept this.”, he said.