EU elections: Eurosceptics are rallying forces – The Greek connection (video)

The Greek conservative party “New Right” (Nea Dexia) led by Failos Kranidiotis, represents Salvini & Le Pen’s ideas in Greece


Marine Le Pen, leader of the French “National Front” party, has embarked on a Central and Eastern European tour to forge new alliances ahead of this month’s EU elections.

At a press conference in Bratislava, Slovakia, on Sunday 12 May 2019 organized by the European right-wing Alliance, “Movement for a Europe of Nations and Freedom (MENF) , Le Pen spoke of a great political change coming to Europe, while the leader of the Greek right-wing eurosceptic party Nea Dexia (New Right) Failos Kranidiotis, who was also present, spoke about European values:

“Many people, our opponents, say that we want to destroy Europe. Our answer is that we are the real Europeans, as we defend true European values. The most valuable thing in Europe is our differences.
We speak loud and clear the truth that others do not dare to even whisper. We are the Greek soldiers in the struggle for another Europe, an alliance of free nation-states“.