European Super League: Chelsea, City & Arsenal are leaving, Barcelona is thinking about it

Rapid developments

New data in the “civil war” that has broken out in European football with the apparent departure of Chelsea, but also of Manchester City from the group of the 12 teams that created the European Super League.

The first rumors of the cracks in their alliance had started circulating early in the afternoon with Chelsea’s fans protested in the afternoon outside Stamford Bridge (before the match with Brighton) asking Roman Abramovich to withdraw the team from ESL.

Among those who expressed their opposition was the old glory of the team and its current manager, Petr Cech, with the London administration finally deciding to leave the European Super League.

Manchester City, apparently, follows the same path as it has reportedly informed the people of ESL that it is no longer interested in participating in this project, listening to the voices of its fans and its coach Pep Guardiola, who speaking in the afternoon in the official interview, had taken a clear position against the European Super League and had asked the team owners to come out and explain the reasons that led them to this decision.

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“If you ask me why these teams have been selected, I don’t know why. It is not a sport where the relation between effort and success does not exist. I don’t know why these specific teams have been selected and going to play this competition. I have said many times, I want the best and strongest competition possible, especially the Premier League. And it’s not fair if one team fights to make it to the top and then cannot qualify because success is just guaranteed for a few clubs”, he stated.

Something that will not be needed in the end as City is now out of the ESL as the 12 teams that started this story are now 10 and Barcelona‘s stay will be judged by a general assembly. According to information, Arsenal has opted out of the ESL as well.