EuroWorkingGroup gives green light for release of 2.8 billion Euro tranche to Greece

EWG to meet in Brussels Tuesday

The EuroWorking Group (EWG) has given the go-ahead for the disbursement of the 2.8 billion euro tranche, according to eurozone sources.
The European Stability Mechanism (ESM) Board of Directors, which is scheduled to meet on Tuesday in Brussels, is expected to officially approve the release of the two sub-tranches (1.1 billion + 1.7 billion euros).
The disbursement of the 1.1 billion euro sub-trance was approved by the Eurogroup meeting on October 9, which concluded that Greece had fully met the 15 prior actions, while the decision for the 1.7 billion euros was pending until the September figures for the repayment of state arrears were sent to the institutions.
Last week Greek authorities dispatched the data and the representatives of the eurozone Finance ministries examined the final report of compliance of the institutions, giving the green light for the disbursement of the remaining 1.7 billion euros.