Explosive package (from Greece?) sent to German Minister Schauble

Package sent to Finance Ministry in Berlin

German police discovered explosive items, which could have caused somebody serious harm, in a suspicious package delivered to Germany’s Federal Ministry of Finance, Wedesday. The police described the contents of the parcel, which was delivered to the ministry this morning, to contain “Blitzpallmisch”, which is used in the production of pyrotechnics. “It would have been appropriate to cause serious injuries when opening the package,” a statement issued by the police continued. “Further investigations into the subject matter and the background of the act are ongoing.” The package was first spotted in the ministry’s post room at 9:30am local time. After first examination, specialist criminal investigators decided they could not rule out the possibility that the parcel was dangerous, so evacuated staff who would have been at risk.
The package was then sent on to be x-rayed and tested by explosives’ experts, where more details about its contents were discovered.

According to German newspaper Märkische Allgemeine, apparently the parcel had sender address located in Greece.