Extreme weather warning with more snow and storms, as “Tilemachos” front approaches

Snow is expected to hit Attica in the week

The low barometric pressure “Sophia” that hit Greece is gradually receding, but a new low weather front called “Tilemachos” is expected to descend upon the country from Monday with dense snowfall even in lowlands, freezing temperatures and sporadic storms and strong northerly winds in the seas.

On Monday and Tuesday, heavy frost will cover many areas in places on the central and northern mainland Greece, with the phenomenon expected to also affect regions of Western and Central Macedonia.

Snow is expected to fall in Chalkidiki, Sporades, Euboea and from Monday afternoon, while snow will also affect eastern Sterea (including Attica mainly the Eastern and Northern areas), as well as the mountainous and semi-mountainous areas of the Eastern and Central Peloponnese from Monday afternoon.
On Tuesday (08-01-2019), the weather phenomena are forecast to weaken initially in the north.

At the same time, the General Secretariat for Civil Protection advised citizens to be very cautious, and take all the necessary measures to avoid accidents.