Farage fears Boris will sell-out Brexit, throw country into crisis by May

“I won’t see Brexit sold-out and I fear that if Boris gets his majority that is what he will do”

Speaking at an event in Doncaster on Wednesday, the Brexit Party leader said that if he thought Prime Minister Boris Johnson was going to “get Brexit done”, he would have stood all of his candidates down and supported him.

However, with Mr. Johnson pursuing his EU-approved withdrawal treaty, Mr. Farage continues to campaign so that his prospective MPs can hold the Tories to account in the House of Commons and ensure Brexit is delivered.

Mr. Farage criticized the Conservative Brexit pledges which he branded a “great deception” that would “sell-out Brexit”, such as that under the exit treaty, “we’re going to be free, we’re going to be out, we’re going to get back our fisheries, there’ll be no border in the Irish Sea, and assorted other total inaccuracies that we’ve heard”.

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