“Favelas” emerge in Samos from refugees, says Mayor

The island of Samos and Lesvos have been overwhelmed by the flow of refugees and illegal immigrants arriving

The conditions in the refugee receptions centers on the islands of Lesvos and Samos are rapidly deteriorating, as the number of refugees and illegal immigrants hosted at Moria camp rose to 15,255 in just a week from 13,070.

In Samos, local residents and authorities are expressing serious concerns following the violent riots that broke out between groups of illegal migrants and refugees which resulted in part of the reception and identification centre being burnt.

Although the facility was planned to host 648 people, it currently has 6,500.

Mayor of East Samos George Stantzos expressed the local residents’ fears by describing the explosive conditions, stressing the serious health hazards for the citizens in his city as the facility is essentially located in the town.

“We’re talking about favelas. Trying to make tents and makeshift shacks around the main reception centre, they [refugees] have torn down awnings from old hotels, house materials. The stench from the excrement is unthinkable. We are all at risk”, Mr. Stantzos raised the alarm speaking to THEMA radio 104,6.

Earlier on Wednesday, the Mayor told Alpha television that it was imperative for a massive decongestion of the area within two days.

In Moria, there are a total of 15,255 refugees and illegal immigrants from the 13,070 hosted last week, with officials predicting that the number will jump to 16,500 in the coming days. The situation at this reception and identification center, with a capacity of only 3,000, is out of control, despite the recent transfer of large numbers of immigrants and refugees into the country.

The exponential rise in the numbers of refugees and illegal immigrants arriving in Moria illustrates the extent of the crisis, and the difficulty of dealing with the issue, all while Turkey is intentionally pushing more refugees to the Greek islands.