FB group calling for ouster of Greece Parliament prez now numbers 40K members!

Zoe Konstantopoulou comes social media attack, a month after citing #itsacoup to back her anti-memorandum stance

A Facebook group whose singular demand is to oust combative Parliament President Zoe Konstantopoulou now numbers more than 40,000 members.

The FB page was created to push deputies in Greece’s 300-MP Parliament to “institutionally react by immediately submitting a no-confidence vote” against!

The creators of the “anti-Zoe” FB page claim that the brash Konstantopoulou attempted to block legislation in Parliament, and specifically urgent draft laws pertaining to a new bailout memorandum served up by the radical leftist SYRIZA government that counts the Parliament president as one of its own.

Amongst others, Konstantopoulou, a lawyer by training and the daughter of former leftist leader Nikos Konstantopoulos,  is vilified as lacking the qualifications to serve as the (elected by deputies) Parliament president and for violating the constitution, as well as exercising personal policy in opposition to the government and the majority of the plenum.

Cries of “unconstitutionality” and “constitutional violations” are charges often favored by Konstantopoulou herself.

The FB members also refers to her initiative for creating a committee to determine whether Greece’s external debt is legal as “ridiculous” and a “clear usurpation of power”.