Footage shows Turkish officers firing tear gas against Greek police (videos)

Greek border forces are trying to prevent illegal immigrants from breaching the border line

A video obtained by and is making the rounds on the internet since the morning on Wednesday, clearly shows Turkish police officers throwing tear gas towards the Greek side of the border line at Evros, where illegal immigrants are trying to breach the borders and enter Europe.

The footage was shot on the Greek side of the borders and captures Turkish law enforcement officers using multi-canister launchers to fire tear gas into Greece territory.

It clearly shows a unit of Turkish police located about 40 metres from the border engaging in hostile actions.

The incident broke out early on Tuesday at around 9am when the Turkish forces fired the tear gas to which Greek border security forces responded with a barrage of tear gas and smoke bombs.

The Greek forces immediately spread across a one-kilometre line along the fence, monitoring the area, especially where the barbed wire was, to determine if there were any attempts to breach it.

A strong fire-brigade unit has also been deployed at the site, while more reinforcement are reaching the area to aid.

Late in the afternoon, groups of migrants were seen moving from the Feres area to the Delta of the river, again north to the Kastanies region.

Meanwhile, according to, Turkish authorities are setting up camps in the Evros area.