Forest fires: Strong winds rekindle fires in Kapandriti (videos-photos)

Residents fear fire could threaten Polydendri and Malakasa

Hopes of containing the large fire front stretching from Kalamos to Kapandriti in northeast Attica are slim, despite the efforts of a large number of firefighters, local residents and volunteers, as winds have picked up notably stoking the raging flames in the forest areas. The wildfires, which started on Sunday, continue to burn through forest lands and are now threatening the areas of Polydendri to the west of Kapandriti and Malakasa. A little after midday on Tuesday, high winds rekindled small pockets of forest fires as firefighters had set up fire-safety zones along the front at the clearance of the Metochi gorge. Local residents are concerned that the strong gusts and direction of the winds could threaten the areas of Polydendri and Malakasa. Officials have made it clear that allegations of arson have not yet been verified, despite locals claiming that there were multiple explosions heard before the first fire in Kalamos erupted on Sunday. Currently there are 3 Canadair CL-215 airplanes and 6 helicopters unloading water on the fire zones, while a total of 180 firefighters, 72 vehicles and a 58-member trekking unit are all contributing to put the fire under control.