Four Turkish citizens arrested in Evros!

This could lead to a new diplomatic incident with Turkey


Four Turkish nationals who were arrested yesterday in a restricted zone on the Greek-Turkish border at the Evros river were lead to the Prosecutor of Orestiada.

The four Turks were spotted on Thursday afternoon between Sofikos and Rigi and were arrested as they did not have a permit to be inside the military zone of the area.

Two of them stated that they are journalists who entered the Greek territory to cover a story about a Turkish mother who is missing with her three children after the boat they were in capsized in the river Evros.

The two others said they were friends of the missing family and accompanied the journalists.

They have all been charged with transpassing a restricted military zone.

It is interesting to see how this case will play out, as it should be reminded that Turkey illegally holds in the Adrianople high-security prison for more than 140 days, two Greek army officers without having them charged with any crime thus far.