France: The words “Mother” & “Father” officially prohibited on state documents!

Political Correctness & Cultural Marxism against common sense…


French President Emmanuel Macron with an unprecedented decision that favors Political Correctness changes the family information in schools records.

Now, in the applications for enrollment in schools, instead of “Father Name” and “Mother Name” will be written “Parent 1” and “Parent 2″…

The relevant decree states that “For the avoidance of discrimination, school records, school directories, parental leave and any other official document concerning children shall include exclusively the words Parent 1 and Parent 2”.

Practically the words “Father” and “Mother” are officially prohibited on state documents!

The measure is a continuation of the 2013 law on the legal equality of marriages between heterosexual and gay couples.

However, the reactions have occurred among the liberal camp as the question is which one will be “Parent 1” and which one will be “Parent 2”, as if that is the real problem.

It should be noted that the exact opposite decision was taken in Italy by the Interior Minister Mateo Salvini, correcting the mistake that was made by the previous Italian government.

Apparently, with Cultural Marxism being the name of the game for the likes of Macron and Trudeau, there is a lot of insanity out there for us to see…