French President Macron calls for tighter border control on migration

He met with Austrian Chancellor Kurz in Paris

French President Emmanuel Macron received Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz at Elysee Palace in Paris, Monday. Speaking to reporters, the French President called for the procedures of the deportation of illegal immigrants should be accelerated.
On his part, the Austrian Chancellor backed the proposal put forward by EC President Jean Claude Juncker for the reinforcement of the Frontex border control mechanism by 10,000 guards from 2020.
The French President called for the respect of human values, adding, however, that better border control for the arrivals of migrants by reinforcing Frontex was necessary, as well as better dialogue between the transit and landing states and the rest of the EU countries. The rift among EU countries was highlighted during the EU Summit in June over migration policies. Austria, along with Italy, Hungary and the other Visegrad group countries of Slovakia, Poland, and the Czech Republic have expressed their strong disagreements with the current policies adopted and being pushed by Angela Merkel and the EU policymakers.

Austria will hold the EU-African Summit in December to explore ways to deal with the problem of illegal migration to the European continent.