From Vangelis to Andromeda! Meet the first trans person in Greece to officially change name! (photos)

The new law voted in 5 months ago granted her the chance change her name

A 30-year-old male from the island of Mytilene has become the first person in Greece to change their gender on an official state document. Vangelis Psarras, who was born biologically a male, now has the name/surname Andromeda Psarrou printed on the ID card.

Andromeda used the new law regarding sex change identity passed 5 months ago in the Greek parliament to change from Vangelis to her new name and picked up the new ID from the Zographou police station. She expressed her joy after receiving the new card and posted on social media.
“At last. After months of patience and persistence, I was right! I wish with sll my heart all the companions following the same path with me to achieve every dream and goal. Without you my dear friends, I would not have done it. To love yourself is the epitome of your being”, Andromeda wrote on her social media accounts.