Fruits of the Gods: The gifts of the Greek nature!

A feast of fruit and healthy nutrition

Those juicy teasers are the super stars of the hot Greek summer, thanks to their freshness. Sliced or diced, in salads or juices, in jams or spoon-sweets, in sweet or salty foods, they promise to offer seducing pleasure to those tasting them. And they keep their promise!

Juicy bites

Very nutritious, rich in fibre, vitamins and trace elements, but poor in calories, the multi-coloured summer fruits are the best and most beneficiary source of hydration when the temperature starts soaring.
Their undoubted king is the water melon, that ball of freshness with the green stripes that revitalises you while detoxicating your body. Slice it or dice it, put it in the blender and turn it into an ice-lolly! Combine it with feta or other white types of cheese and have it as a snack or a very light dinner.

No less popular than its “water” rival, the golden melon with the intoxicating aroma readily lends you its vitamins and potassium. Cheese and smoked meat are perfect as its partners for a light meal. As a dessert, enjoy it straight or with ice cream.


Apricotspeaches and nectarines, or “fruits of the sun”, are always “prêt-à-manger”, they have high nutritious effects, they make delicious jams and juices, and they are popular with confectioners and pastry cooks.

Small in size but great in taste: cherries. Ranging from light red to almost black, they fortify your natural defense, either fresh or in pastry. Very renowned are those coming from Macedonia and Agia in Larissa.

Famous for their mouthwatering figs are the areas of Kalamata and Evia. White or black, figs are equally tasteful fresh and dried (or in salads).


Grapes have been intrinsically linked to Greece since the times of Homer. Vast vineyards cover the Greek territory and decorate it with white, red, and pink little juicy balls. Body detoxication, nutrition and health are the notions linked to grapes, whether the latter are consumed fresh, or in spoon-sweets and juices. Seek for meat dishes seasoned with grapes.


To everything there is a season!

The benefits of fruits are maximised when they are consumed in season. Consult this list before buying your fresh fruit in Greece:

Apricots: June and July

Peaches: Late May to August

Cherries: May to July

Water melons: July to September

Melons: June to September

Figs: August and September

Grapes: July to October

Nectarines: June to August