FYROM: Government starts the campaign for the referendum

If the majority of voters vote against the agreement Zoran Zaev will resign


FYROM’s PM, Zoran Zaev has posted several photos today on his Facebook account along with NATO’s Secretary General, Jens Stlotenberg, with messages of support for integration in the NATO and the agreement reached with Greece.

This is a signal that the government has started its campaign for the referendum that has been scheduled to take place in the month of September regarding the agreement on the name.

PM Zoran Zaev is optimistic that the referendum will be a successful one, however, if the majority of voters vote against the agreement, he will resign.

“I expect 75-85% of voters to vote in favor of the deal. There is no other alternative. Citizens need to confirm that ‘Macedonia’ wants to become member of the EU and NATO”, PM Zaev said.

The chairman of the Democratic Party of Albanians (PDSH), Menduh Thaçi says that the referendum is an important issue for Albanians. According to him, Albanian political parties need to engage in order for this referendum to be a successful one.

Former diplomat, Nano Ruzin says that the referendum needs to be successful, because the country will come out of isolation.

“If the referendum fails and the country doesn’t join NATO, then the state will face an economic and security crisis”, Ruzin said.

Meanwhile, the referendum for the new country’s name, “Republic of North Macedonia” is expected to be held at the end of September. This referendum will decide if the country will launch EU accession talks in June 2019 and if the country will become the 30th NATO member.

Source: balkaneu