FYROM orders 240,000 passports with “Macedonia” imprinted on them (video)

The move comes despite the fact that constitutional changes in FYROM parliament will conclude on January 15

The government of Zoran Zaev in FYROM has purchased 240,000 passports with the name “Republic of Macedonia” printed on them, according to Alfa TV from FYROM.

The move comes despite the fact that the constitutional reforms in the Skopje parliament, including the one which changes the official name of the country to “Northern Macedonia” in accordance to stipulations laid out in the Prespes Agreement, are scheduled to conclude over the next days.

As the report in the TV channel points out the government announced that although the final vote for the constitutional changes will have ended by 15 January, a large number of state and citizens’ personal documents for “Macedonian” passports going through the customs office.