FYROM PM Zaev: Greece cannot deny our “Macedonian” identity

FYROM parliament debates constitutional changes deriving from Prespes Agreement with Greece

In a provocative statement, the Prime Minister of FYROM, Zoran Zaev said Greece could not deny his country its “Macedonian identity”.
Mr Zaev started his speech in parliament during the final phase of the of the debate on the constitutional changes deriving from the Prespes Agreement with Greece by unequivocally underlining that the “Macedonian” identity of FYROM was undeniable.
“There is a crystal clear and categorical affirmation of the ‘Macedonian’ identity. Greece can no longer deny us our right to self-determination”, he said in the session parliamentary session which was interrupted on several occasions after the resignation of a member of his party.

Zoran Zaev in his speech doubled down on previous statements he had made regarding the “Macedonian language”.
“The Macedonian language is used in all institutions: in the EU. and NATO” he said, calling on the MPs to vote for the constitutional changes.

Earlier on Wednesday, Zaev’s government was faced with a mini-crisis after a party MP and Socialist resigned.
The resignation could cause a delay in the voting process. However, the FYROM government has leaked reports that it does have the necessary 80 votes required to pass the reforms.