Gorilla has “human” fingers

The animal from the Atlanta Zoo suffers from a condition called vitiligo pigmentation

Gorillas are known for their myriad of human-like qualities, and a photo from the Atlanta Zoo shows that they have skin conditions just like humans. Anaka, a Western Lowland Gorilla, has pink and white pigmentation on her normally dark fingers. At first glance, the incredible close-up shot of her hand might have you mistake Anaka for a human hand with vitiligo, but it is actually the hand of this beautiful gorilla.

The photograph of Anaka’s hand highlights its finer details. From it, we can see the creases in her fingers and short nails. Coupled with the vitiligo pigmentation, the hand has a human-like quality that is a rare characteristic in an animal.

Despite Anaka being a gorilla, she has a personality that’s relatable to us humans, too. According to the Atlanta Zoo, she is “often barking at her mom and others for food and juice.” She can also be seen hitching a piggyback ride on her siblings. Does that sound like a little sister you know?

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