Greece among the 20 safest countries to travel in 2019, report says

Turkey was one of the least safe countries for tourists

Greece was classified as one of the 20 safest countries in the world to travel in 2019, according to IPK International and ITB report, World Travel Monitor, presented on Wednesday at the ITB Convention.
In contrast, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, Tunisia and Jordan were considered to be the least safe destinations fr tourists for 2019.

The report estimates that international tourism will perform marginally worse in 2019 due to the slowdown in global economic growth. Overall, global outbound travel is expected to record an increase of 4% this year, with Asia-Pacific remaining the world leader in terms of growth rates (+ 6%).
The corresponding growth in America is expected to reach 5% and in Europe 3%, a slight deceleration compared to 2018.

Holidays in the sun and the sea, as well as city breaks, were the dominant trends in 2018.

City tourism in the period 2017-2018 recorded an explosive rise of 222%, followed by cruises with a 78% rise.