Greece: Anavyssos in flames! Three fire-fighters have been injured

There are plans for the evacuation of the area

Battle with flames for 40 firefighters with 20 vehicles and 2 helicopters.

A powerful firefighting force gives a battle with the flames at Anavyssos highway and Panagouli avenue which threatens homes.

According to information, the fire threatens homes in the Finikia settlement in Lagonissi, where an evacuation plan has been organized.

So far there have been three fire-fighters injured and they have been transferred to a hospital.

According to information, a fire truck has been burned.

Volunteers from the Municipality of Saronikos, as well as neighboring municipalities, are also helping.

At this time there are 6 beaufort winds in the area.

It is worth mentioning that this is the third fire in this area since Monday.