Greece bracing for snow as “Sophia” barometric low to hit on Thursday

“Sophia” comes in the heels of the weather phenomenon “Rafael”

According to the meteorologist, Giannis Kallianos a new wave of weather will hit Greece on Thursday, with almost unprecedented low temperatures, especially in central and northern Greece. The forecast says the temperature will fall to -17 degrees Celsius in the morning of Thursday.
The barometric low called “Sophia” will impact as “Rafael”, which brought snow and heavy storms across Greece, gradually fades on Wednesday and temperatures will return to normal for this time of the year.
“Rafael” caused many problems in the road network, while many areas in the north and central regions of the country were covered in snow.
The Greek Meteorological Services (EMY) predicts cloudy patches for Attica with the temperature ranging between 5 and 13 degrees.
Thessaloniki will also be affected by clouds which are expected to gradually increase leading to local rain or snow in the mountainous areas overnight and the temperature reaching from -2 to a high of 9 degrees.

According to the forecast, it is almost certain to snow in Thessaloniki from Thursday onwards, while Attica will also experience snowfall in areas over a 300-metre altitude, most probably in the northern suburbs.

The freezing weather is predicted to hit from Thursday, however the harsh cold and dense snowfall, in some instances, even in lowland areas of central and northern Greece, will continue for the next ten days.