Greece closely monitors course of Iranian oil tanker headed towards Kalamata

The Greek authorities are in constant contact with the US

The Foreign and Maritime Ministries are closely monitoring the situation with the Iranian oil tanker, Grace 1, now called Adrian Darya 1, following a Reuters news report suggesting the vessel was heading to Greece and specifically to the port of Kalamata in the Peloponnese.

Competent sources close to the Greek Ministries told that they are on alert. The tanker is expected to sail to Kalamata on the 25th of the month. However, as the same sources note, the time is long between now and August 25, “and a lot can happen in the meantime before the tanker arrives in Kalamata, which in any event does not have a port with necessary infrastructure for such a ship to dock”.

Sources from the Maritime Ministry say the ship is being “monitored” as it is sailing at 9-10 nautical miles. According to the same sources, the Greek authorities are in contact with US authorities, pointing out that the ship sailing to Messinia is not a problem because the measures against Iran have been taken by the US and not the European Union.

Adrian Darya 1 sailed from Gibraltar around 11 pm (local time, midnight Greece time). According to data obtained earlier this morning by Refinitiv, which tracks global sea navigation the boat is heading to the greater Kalamata area.

The tanker has caused a standoff between Tehran and the West, while Iran is warning Washington not to make any attempt to seize the vessel. According to the Iranian Foreign Minister, there will be “serious consequences” if the US tries to confiscate the ship, and added that the crisis with Britain will end only after the tanker reaches its destination.