Greece committed genocide against “Macedonians”, NGOs tell Turkish Anadolu news agency

Four NGOs from FYROM signed a declaration speaking of genocide by Greece

Four Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) blamed Greece for crimes against humanity and a genocide against “Macedonians” since 1913, as state-owned Turkish news agency Anadolu reported in one of its main news reports.
In a joint statement published on the Turkish news agency, the NGOs protested about the ongoing talks on their country’s name and asserted Greece was committing human rights abuses, as well as crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide against the “Macedonian minority” since 1913.
The NGOs said that the name issue was an invention of the Greek government, claiming it was simply the continuation and internationalisation of the 25-year-old rejection of the national identity of the Macedonian minority within the domestic political stage.
They called for the establishment of an independent inquiry commission that would examine human rights violations.
“The Greek government has to deal with its past and publicly acknowledge and apologise for the crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide it has committed against the Macedonian minority in Greece since 1913,” NGOs said.
Anadolu’s report is titled “The Macedonian people blame Greece for genocide.” The joint declaration is signed by the International Movement for “Macedonian” Human Rights, the United Macedonian Diaspora, the World Macedonian Council and the World Macedonian Coordinator.