Greece considering F-35 fighter jets: Defence Minister Apostolakis says

He said the option was open

The Greek Minister of National Defence, Evangelos Apostolakis lest the possibility of the country purchasing open F-35 fighter jets open, following a relevant Reuters news article.
Called by journalists to comment on the Reuters article that revealed the US was considering expanding the sale to more countries, including Greece, the Greek Minister said: “We will examine it, all components, and we will see what happens”.
Mr. Apostolakis is at Andravida air base, where he attended the final phase of the medium scale “Eniochos 2019”.
He said that apart from the upgrading programme of the F-16 fighter jets, Greece was also examining the options available for the new generation aircraft to include in its air-force.
The US Ambassador, Geoffrey Pyatt, who was also present at the military exercise, said the US Air Force considered Greece an important ally.