Greece could close border with Turkey to stem migrant flow, security analyst says

“There are direct and indirect ways, and you have to use a combination of both”


A recent report from CBS claims that “human smuggling is big business in Athens.”

A human smuggler in Athens was secretly recorded on camera telling the CBS reporter that he helps “move ISIS members from Greece to the rest of Europe.”

Citizen Protection Minister Michalis Chrysohoidis made an official statement at the beginning of September in Parliament, saying that in the last three years, seven suspects wanted for their alleged links to militant Islamist groups have been arrested by Greek authorities.

To find out more about this disturbing situation, the Greek Reporter spoke to Balkan security analyst Ioannis Michaletos.

“More than 1.5 million people used Greece as the main gateway to enter the EU. We can more or less estimate that a significant number of extremists or veterans of the civil war in Syria, managed to use this route and embed themselves as refugees and actually make it through. Their main goal is to escape and reorganize themselves,” he explains.

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