Greece in top 10 destinations for 2019, says major online platform

Corfu and Rhodes are projected to be among the top choices for visitors

Greece was among the top destinations for 2019, according to online platform
These destinations were based on booking data in 2019 compared to the corresponding 2018 data.
The revised data on the platform revealed that Greece was the 4th most popular destination for its users, following last year’s record number of tourists (30 million) who visited the country.
Corfu (24%), Rhodes (19%) and Heraklion (18%) are projected to be the top choices for visitors this season.
Rhodes has a 3% increase in reservations, while Heraklion 4% compared to 2018. The best time to visit Greece, according to, is the period from Spring to the beginning of the summer (April to mid-June) in autumn (from September to mid-October) when the weather remains warm and the crowds are less.

1. Spain
2. Portugal
3. Turkey
4. Greece
5. Malta
6. US
7. Poland
8. Egypt
9. Bulgaria
10. Italy