Greece in top choices for luxury holidays, says TUI airtours

The USA was chosen as a top spot for long distance destinations

Greece, Spain, and Italy are among the most sought after holiday destinations in the luxury holiday brand of TUI airtours for this summer.

In terms of long-distance destinations, the US and the Maldives are the top choices for travellers.

The unique moments and experiences that are in line with travellers’ preferences are the most important criteria in planning luxury vacations, according to airtours.

This summer, fun, and gastronomy are two very important factors holidaymakers place high in their priorities.

This year’s customers prefer the wine cellars of top hotels with rare and unique wines from wineries from all over the world. The winter season is also high on demand, with bookings recording an 18% rise.

For the winter season, we are expecting a significant increase for one more year, particularly in distant destinations, said airtours brand manager Steffen Boehnke. The most sought after are high standard rooms, suites, and villas, he said.