Greece: Tuesday T-shirt weather, Wednesday snow (photos)

Christmas weather during Greek Orthodox Easter…

April 8, a date typically reserved for Spring weather in Greece, suddenly turned cold on Holy Wednesday with snow in mountain region. The Buffy camp at Mount Parnitha, north of Athens, has been covered with layers of snow after it started to snow at 10 a.m. on Wednesday morning.

Residents at Carpenisi in Central Greece, Evrytania, woke up to a white city with 10 cm of snow and snow chains needed for cars.

Holy Wednesday, April 8

Rain and snow is typically expected throughout Holy Week, however meteorologists say that the weather will warm up again on Easter Sunday and Easter Monday, escalating to as much as 23C.


Clouds and local showers with snow at mountain regions are expected throughout Holy Wednesday. North winds will reach 8 Beaufort. Temperatures will drop to 13C and 15-16C in other parts of the country.

The same weather is expected for Thessaloniki with snow at Mountain regions and winds at 4-5 Beaufort with temperatures dropping to 5-12C.

Holy Thursday, April 9

The major part of the country will experience clouds and rain with snowfall in mountain regions. Winds over the central and east Aegean. Temperatures will reach 17C in the North, 16C in the South and 17C in the West with 15C in the South and 12C over the Aegean.

Good Friday, April 10

A gradual improvement to prognostics. Wind velocity at the Aegean will be at 8 Beaufort. Winds at the Ionian will be at medium levels. Frosty weather.

Holy Saturday, April 11

A sunny day with a few clouds. Medium winds with 7 Beaufort at the Aegean. Temperatures will note a 1-2C improvement.

Easter Sunday, April 12
A worsening of winds in southeastern regions at 6 Beaufort with weak winds over the Ionian sea. An increase in temperatures around the country.