Greece’s Bar Associations request from CCBE to send mission to Turkey for Greek servicemen’s case

The two Greek servicemen are been held in a Turkish prison although they have not been formally charged with any crime


The coordination committee of the presidents of Greece’s Bar Associations which convened on Saturday in the northern Greek city of Kozani will ask from the Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe (CCBE) to send a mission to Turkey as the deadline for any legal action against the two Greek servicemen that are being illegally held in an Adrianople prison has expired.

In an announcement it is noted that “the recent letter of the president of the parliamentary committee of Turkey to NATO that links the fate of the Greek servicemen with the case of the Turkish military officers that have been granted political asylum by the Greek state, confirms our stable position that the Turkish justice does not operate independently and does not offer and guarantee for a fair trial”.

Source: thegreekobserver