Greek and Turkish fighter jets engage in dog fights over Aegean Sea

Tensions rise between the two countries

Greek and Turkish fighter jets engaged in dog fights over the Aegean Sea on Monday, when Turkish F-16s violated Greek airspace.

Turkey continues to maintain a high level of intensity over the Aegean Sea, as Turkish fighter jets committed a barrage of violations of the Greek national airspace on Monday.
In addition to the disputes by Turkey in the Cypriot EEZ, nine Turkish aircraft illegally entered into the Greek airspace on 23 occasions in the Northeast, Central, and Southeastern Aegean, with four of the violations developing into dog fights between Greek and Turkish fighters.

Turkish aircraft (eight F-16s flying in four formations and one CN-235) also made nine infringements of the air traffic rules of the Athens FIR. The invading aircraft were identified and intercepted, according to international rules of engagement when Greek jets were scrambled.