Greek and Turkish jets engage in dogfights over Aegean Sea, as Turkey violates airspace 107 times!

Earlier on Monday, Turkish jets flew over Greek islands

Turkey is escalating its provocations against Greece over the Aegean Sea, as the Turkish Air Force carried out a total of 107 violations of the Greek national airspace which led to dogfights over the Aegean Sea between the Greek and Turkish fighter jets.

A total of 15 Turkish aircraft flew over the Northeastern Central and Southeast Aegean during the day.

The Turkish aircraft (12 F-16 fighter jets, two F-4 Phantom jets and one CN-235) also committed 24 air traffic law violations in the Athens FIR. Ten of the Turkish fighters were armed.

Earlier on Monday, four Turkish fighter jest violated Greek national airspace and flew over two Greek islands, in the central Aegean. The Turkish F-16 and F-4 remained in the Athens FIR for about half an hour before departing.