Greek app “stasis hellas” at bus stops uses virtual reality for commuters to enjoy for free

It is a psychograph of modern Greek society

A digital mobile phone application called “stasis hellas” promises to offer commuters at the bus stop in Athens, original content and themes about Greece to keep them occupied while they are waiting.

Those who are at bus stops, from Pagrati to Kallithea and from Kypseli to Elliniko, can scan the posted Qr at the bus stops, download the application and enjoy the content created by the artist Hellada Stasinoglou.

It is a free app for both Android and iPhones scanning and can be downloaded directly from GOOGLE PLAY and the APPSTORE.

The application that combines the virtual with the real uses augmented Reality technology which allows viewers to literally become part of a new experience, where the real is combined with the virtual.

With a simple touch of a button, 3D virtual works enter the user’s reality, which can then be shaped, photographed, and shared accordingly.

Designed as a public intervention platform for free and creative use by each of us, the bilingual “stasis hellas” exceeds the limits of space and time while offering the possibility of entry and interaction in a new dimension, with a modern city acting as both the background and palette.

Greek storyteller Hellada Stasinoglou came up with the interactive application “stasis hellas” to satirise the values, attitudes, and idiosyncrasies of the modern Greek. A timely treatise-psychograph, where the Greek psychosis with extreme division and polaristaion explored; the insanity of the bureaucracy; the position of the woman in Greek society; the refugee crisis; the Greece-Europe relationship; armaments; and, the relationship of the modern day-Greek with media.

Hellada Stasinoglou was born in Montreal and studied Greek and non-native schools on three different continents. She tells stories combining in an organic way, the natural with the virtual, the private with the public. “Stasis hellas” is her first work on Greece.

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