Greek-Australian tourist beaten by leftists in Athens on camera (video)

Tourist is bloodied and asks for police help

A Greek-Australian tourist on holidays in Greece was assaulted in downtown Athens, Sunday by a group of masked people. The bloodied man told TV reporters on camera that he was attacked and punched while coming out of a store on Ermou street with his family. “I did’t say anything to them, they started attacking me”, he said. He can be seen approaching police officers and asking for help. “I was walking along with my family, they passed near me and punched me for no reason. I said nothing, I didn’t know them. They told us not to shop”, the tourist said. The incident occurred at the end off the march by unionists who were protesting against the opening of stores on Sundays. The man’s wife told reporters that the masked men hit her husband and her daughter started crying and fainted. “I tried to pull him away, but they didn’t care about anything, they pushed my mother, me, the child”, she said.