Greek court forbids use of apartment for Airbnb accommodation

The owner could face detention of one month if she fails to comply with the ruling

A Greek court issued a ruling forbidding the use of an apartment for Airbnb in the city of Nafplio.

The verdict by the Single-Member Court of First Instance in Nafplio overturned the hitherto status for short-term leasing via Airbnb as it paves the way for group lawsuit actions and similar claims by property owners who are reacting.

According to the newspaper “Ta Nea”, the court upheld the injunction by other tenants of the apartment building and called on the landlord who rented her home via Airbnb “to refrain from using the apartment as tourist accommodation in the future and to limit herself to use it as a residence.”

If the owner fails to comply she could face one-month detention and a fine of 1,000 euros for each violation.