Greek Defence Minister: “38 Greek jet fighter got airborne in the Aegean & gave a surprise lesson to Turkey”

A surprise move by the HAF with more than one recipient…

The Greek Minister of Defence Nikos Panagiotopoulos praised the operational capabilities of the Greek Armed Forces, revealing a recent surprise move by the Greek Air Force (HAF) in the Aegean.

Speaking to the Defense and Foreign Affairs Committee, which voted the F-16 upgrade and the Follow-on-Support (FOS) of the Mirage-2000s, Mr. Panagiotopoulos stressed that “our Armed Forces are strong and remain equipped with very good and advanced weapons systems. I would like to see both the society and the media not succumbing to the propaganda according to which we are allegedly in a bad position”, said Panayiotopoulos, pointing out that in neighboring Turkey there is propaganda of creating a climate of excellence rather than defeat.

Referring to the Mirage FOS program, he said that these aircraft are in readiness: “Yesterday”, several of them got airborne to the Aegean Sea in a surprise move, and with numerical advantage, they gave one more lesson that things are by no means easy with his war plans, as Mr. Tsavousoglou thinks”.

Reportedly, on Tuesday, 38 F-16 and Mirages got airborne on the Aegean Sea, in an impressive demonstration of power, giving an answer to the Turkish pilots.