Greek Defence Minister Kammenos informs NATO allies on Turkish provocation in Imia

Greek Minister reacts nearly two days after incident

Greece’s National Defence Minister Panos Kammenos reacted to the Turkish provocation at the islets of Imia in the Aegean Sea nearly two days after the incident occurred. From Brussels where Mr Kammenos is attending the NATO summit, he stated that Turkey’s stance was not only a provocation to Greece but against the military alliance as a whole. “I had the chance to present the audiovisual material, which, beyond any doubt, refutes all the Turkish claims. I look forward to the allies’ reactions”, the Greek Minister pointed out.

“As part of the meeting between NATO member Defense Ministers, I had the opportunity to brief the NATO Secretary General and the allies’ defense ministers on Turkey’s latest behaviour in the Imia region and its provocation, which exceeds the limits of tolerance, a behaviour that is not just against a country in the European Union and NATO. It is a behaviour towards the European Union itself”, he said in his statement.