Greek Easter: Rockets in Chios, “traditional” petrol bombs in Neos Kosmos, Athens! (videos-photos)

From everyone in and we wish you health and happiness!

Thousands of rockets lit up the sky in Chios on the evening of Holy Saturday, for one more year, the people of Vrondathes gave their soul to the most impressive custom of Greece.

A crowd of people, locals and tourists, rushed to watch the spectacle from many regions.

On the one hand Panagia Erethiani and on the other St. Mark “fought” their own “war”, the most beautiful…”war” ever.

The National Geographic crew, who was faithful to its appointment, was there to film.

For the 12th year in a row those that found themselves outside the sacred temple of Analipsi (Ascension) for the Holiest day of Easter, saw the streets turning into a “war zone” and the night turning into day of the light of the petrol bombs and the fireworks that were lit by those who wanted to celebrate in this way the joyful message of Resurrection.

Residents of Neos Kosmos in Athens and people from other regions who know this unique custom, gathered and from a “safe” distance (whatever that maybe…) enjoyed the spectacle.

One thing is certain: Greeks love fireworks!

Christ has Risen! From everyone in & we wish you health & happiness!