Greek family kidnapped and held for ransom by foreigners

Three of the perpetrators have been arrested

A Greek family of six was kidnapped from the coastal area of ​​the Municipality of Dion – Olympus Pieria, on Monday, with the perpetrators taking them hostage on a deserted farm demanding ransom money.

According to a statement released by police, “the family (parents and 4 minors) was detained and held illegally throughout the night, while the perpetrators, with verbal threats and threats of physical harm to one of the children, demanded payment in order to release them”.

On Tuesday morning, the father, who was injured on the hand by the perpetrators during the abduction, managed to escape and arrived on foot at a store in the area of ​​Tempi, from where he alerted the police. The police located and arrested the three kidnappers who are foreigners, on a rural dirt road of the Municipality of Tempi. Two of their accomplices are still at large.

The perpetrators had earlier released the mother with the children. The police found them, after a phone call, at the intercity bus station of the Larissa KTEL.

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