Greek farmers ready to block roads in protest to tax hikes leading up to election day

They will pay double tax under new memorandum terms

The Greek farmers are threatening to initiate large scale protests against the high taxes they will be called to pay, emanating from the terms of the 3rd rescue plan signed and sealed by the left SYRIZA government in Greek parliament in August. Just 4 days before the Greek people go to the ballot boxes on Sunday, farmers says they will block the roads of northern and central Greece, with tractors already making their appearance on the roads of the regions of Drama, Kavala, Kozani, Pieria, Serres, Rodopi, Evros and Thesprotia. The Pan-Hellenic Coordinating Committee of the Farmers and Breeders is spearheading the actions, with the most dynamic protests so far happening in the area of Kipoi in the Evros region. Farmers and breeders warned they would gradually escalate their actions, culminating on election day in voting booths and border stations. Professionals in the agricultural sector fear that they will feel the harsh tax hikes immediately after the elections, which provide for a massive 55% tax down-payment from the previous 27.5%. In practical terms this means a farmer who paid 500 Euros under the past tax bracket would be obliged to pay double the amount under the new tax scheme.