Greek Finance Minister: A further 10% cut in ENFIA tax is a possibility

The budget allows for such a policy he said

Greek Finance Minister Christos Staikouras left the possibility of a further 10% reduction of the annual real estate tax (ENFIA) open in a statement today.

He said there was a serious likelihood that in May 2020, before the new tax statements were dispatched improved budgetary surpluses could leave space for a cut to the ENFIA.

Referring to the decrease of ENFIA, Christos Staikouras explained that “the first step was taken this year with the 22% average weighting fall, focusing particularly on the lower-income classes. One more step is pending,” he said in an interview with Real fm.

“The next step is another 10% reduction, which we have not yet put in the 2020 Budget. And that’s because we have started a relatively recent exercise aimed at having it done by May 2020, in an effort to reform the framework for determining the real values ​​of property in our country”, he said.