Greek government backtracks: No deal with FYROM, source says

Erga omnes must be accepted by FYROM, said spokesperson earlier

A source in the Greek government said the prospect of a deal with FYROM on the name dispute with Greece has become less likely as the other side seems unwilling to commit to what has been agreed in Brussels between the Foreign Ministers of the nations.
According to the official close to the PM circle, the long-awaited phone contact between the two PMs will also be postponed until the circumstances are more favourable.
Earlier the Minister of State and government spokesperson, Dimitris Tzanakopoulos had effectively said the same thing as he had pointed out an agreement on the name dispute was drifting away. “Until everything is agreed upon, nothing has been agreed”, he told reporters at a press briefing, clarifying that there would no deal without FYROM accepting the “era omnes” demand.