Greek inter-party delegation “storms” out of NATO proceedings in protest over Turkish-Libya agreement

The Greek delegation voiced the strong objections of Greece over the pseudo-agreement between Turkey and Libya

The Greek inter-party delegation voiced its strong disagreement over the Turkey-Libya MoU during the NATO Parliamentary Assembly as part of the proceedings of the military alliance’s Political Affairs and Security Policy Division (PASP) in Brussels held between 17-19 February 2020.

Members of the delegation, Marietta Giannakou, Manousos Voloudakis, Theodora Tzakri, Marios Katsis, and Andreas Loverdos, issued a joint statement stressing that the acting chair of the session acted in a counter-productive way during the presentation of the Greek positions on the violation of Greece’s sovereign rights by the Turkish-Libya agreement with constant interruptions.

“During the work of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly in Brussels, as a Greek Delegation, we emphasised the issue of the Turkey-Libya Agreement, which violates international law and the sovereign rights of Greece.

In the ensuing debate following the arguments put forward by Turkey’s Ambassador to NATO, we sought to obtain answers on the issue of violations of Greece’s sovereign rights, while trying to inform our fellow members of NATO from the other countries about Turkey’s illegal actions and the risks they entailed of a conflagration in the region.

The acting president systematically interrupted our positions and questions, blocking the development of our arguments.

Even after so many interruptions, the Delegation managed to express its views and left the room in protest, denouncing the position of the acting chair.