Greek Labour Minister reveals she is in a relationship with colleague in Greek government

Efi Achtzioglou also revealed that Greek PM Tsipras was late to meetings and was short-tempered

Labour Minister Efi Achtizoglou revealed on Greek TC she was in a relationship with her colleague, Minister of State and spokesperson Dimitris Tzanakopoulos.
In an interview on RISE TV, the Labor Minister was asked if she would have a romantic affair with a politician to which she candidly replied about her relationship with Mr. Tzanakopoulos.
“I have a relationship with a politician”, she said, adding that it was Dimitris Tzanakopoulos. “Well, don’t you know Dimitris Tzanakopoulos? she responded to the question in an effort to appear relaxed.
However, she claimed that he had never searched the cell phone of Dimitris Tzanakopoulos, saying in a humourous way “Are you kidding? Have you heard the GDPR law on personal data? Let’s be serious.”
Ms. Achtzioglou added that Prime Minister Tsipras tended to get angry easily while he was late to meetings.