Greek legislation calls for pet neutering, “Animal Passports”

Pet owners have six months to neuter their animals

A draft bill that obligates Greek animal owners to neuter their pets or pay a levy if they have pairs for breeding will be posted for public consultation over the next two months.

Agriculture and Rural Development Minister Vangelis Apostolou told the Athens-Macedonian News Agency that the ministry is trying to create a legal framework for pets and strays.

“Our aim is to establish a single and up-to-date legislation. We have in our archives proposals by pertinent bodies and we also have important information from dialog. Our goal is for animal organizations to cooperate with local administration,” the minister said.

According to the draft bill, pet owners have six months to neuter their animals. If they do not, they will have to pay an annual fine of €100 ($123). Owners of pairs of dogs and cats who plan on breeding them will have to pay a special levy.

The bill also stipulates that during trips and walks with pets, owners will have to carry an “animal passport”, a document that replaces the pet’s health certificate. The pet must also have a microchip ID (costing €6) and be registered in the ministry’s database.

Source: greekreporter