Greek national “Ochi” day celebrated in Sweden

Celebrated at St. Konstanine & Helen’s Greek ORthodox parish

The Greek national day of October 28thcommemorating Greece’s heroic entrance into WWII against the Axis powers and the defeat of Mussolini’s forces was ceremoniously celebrated on Saturday October 29, 2016 at the Sts. Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Parish in the city of Jönköping, Sweden.
The Divine Liturgy was followed by the traditional doxology service and a presentation by the parish’s Greek school. Local Parliament Member Sotirios Delis and Municipal Council Member Ilan De Basso were on hand for the celebrations. Over 100 persons, including 25 students, were in attendance.
Following the conclusion of the doxology service, parish pastor Rev. Presbyter Dr. Nicholas Rigas addressed the congregation in Greek and Swedish, and Mr. Delis delivered the keynote address, dedicated to the the courageous struggle of the heavily outnumbered Greeks against the Axis powers and the worldwide admiration that the accomplishments of this small nation, which was the first to defeat the Axis forces, earned it. Mr. Delis noted that the present day situation in Greece requires the mobilization of all those national forces that enabled Greece to stand its ground back then, to help handle the challenges facing Greece today. In conclusion, he pointed out that the Greeks of the Diaspora, who are ever cognizant of the sacrifices of their ancestors, while passing on their priceless inheritance to the younger generations, will stand beside their Greek homeland in all of its efforts.