Greek Parliament President attacks PM Tsipras

Those defending Constitution are ‘ridiculous’ she wonders

There might have been some photo ops between them to keep up appearances for party unity, but the rift runs deeper, as Parliament President Zoe Konstantopoulou attacked Greek PM Alexis Tsipras anew after his speech at the party’s Central Committee, Thursday.

She said that the Greek government had abandoned its ideological reference and that the deal struck between it and EU institutions on July 13 was the worst memorandum of all. She underlined that the left government had not only been caught totally unprepared under the circumstances but that she never imagined 14 bills would be pushed through parliament as urgent, bypassing conventional parliamentary practices.

Konstantopoulou was very ironic commenting on Tsipras’s statement that Greece was ‘not a card game’, stressing that he could not have meant that he was asking for a week’s extension to ‘finish off his hand’ later? She added that Tsipras could not have been referring to those defending the Greek constitution as ‘ridiculous’, ‘irresponsible’ and ‘politically immoral’.